In which the weather (and the new camera) are not what I had hoped

Finally, the truck is un-borked, and I awoke this morning to bright, shiny...errr, rain.

The Usual Suspects are unusually banged up and sickly this week (the horses are fine, it's the people who are under the weather), so I opted for a solo trip into the muck with my trusty Dragon.

This was the only completely non-blurry picture I took
from the saddle today.  We were standing still.

Time to try out the new raincoat...and the new camera.

I haven't completely given up hope of finding my Old Faithful Camera, because Gail and Mike are planning to look for it today while they are un-marking the stretch of trail where it got lost on ride day. 

It's been gone so long, though, that I went out and purchased a replacement...practically the same camera.

A little newer...and, it turns out, a bit inferior.

This was one of the less-blurry photos.  Nice color, crummy resolution.

I know, I know:  I live in a state where recreational pot is legal...but not for electronic devices.

Camera lens: comfortably numb
 The good news is that the long Muddy Creek raincoat I ordered after the last monsoon worked pretty well in the rain today.  In fact, it kept me so warm that my leg muscles felt damp (but weren't) because of the heat.  That's going to be nice, come the winter downpours.

However, the hood flies off at anything faster than a medium trot.  So that's sub-optimal.

Fee's medium trot feels like she's barely moving (it clocks at about 7mph).

Also, I have no talent whatever at selfies, and this camera doesn't help much.

Just nod if you can hear me / Is there anyone home?
But hey.  Riding.  THAT'S a good thing.

And the sunny weather is supposed to return tomorrow.

Well I can ease your pain / And get you on your feet again.

And maybe, just maybe, my wandering camera will find the way home again soon, too.

I really hope it does.


  1. Check the settings on your camera. If you change it to "sport mode" or something like that, you will probably get better in-motion pics. Otherwise, that's pretty much unacceptable :( What a disappointment!
    (But any day you're on a horse trotting through the forest can't be a truly BAD day.)

  2. Video didn't look too bad at the [slow] medium trot...
    And taking selfless should not be an issue of not knowing that the photographer is there...
    Just sayin'.

  3. yeah, cameras are finicky things - you'd think that most digital cameras you could buy would take a decent picture, but apparently not! Maybe the sports mode would help, as Funder suggested.

    riding on a trail - even in the rain - sounds pretty awesome. :-)

  4. Laughed out loud. The camera is almost (almost) worth the impressionistic hilarity. Especially with the selfie. I didn't think anyone I knew was worse at selfies than I am. Thank you for making me feel better. ;) Loved the trot video. Big horse, big trot, smooth sailing.


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