In which it's back to business as usual, which means, "we rode today."

There are so many things to love about summer.

Blue sky, good friends

Especially after last summer, which for me was a very painful time...made even more painful by the knowledge that I was missing out on having fun on our rare sunshine-y days.

This summer is so much better.  Not perfect, of course--I do still have another hip that will need replacing.  But not yet!  

We stop frequently for photo ops

I never get enough of the view from Dragonback

First, there's plenty of time to hit the trails with the Usual Suspects!

Rosemary is back from gallivanting around.  We missed her.

We have a new rider with us now.
(Sirie is busy during the week days, being a grownup and earning a wage.  We are very proud of her.)  

The faithful Ariana was getting a little, err, plush.  So we drafted a very willing Samantha to help slenderize the pony.

The equine equivalent of stopping for a hot fudge sundae after aerobics.

Speaking of food, Fiddle's hay had a little extra pepper today:

hornet nest in the hay bale

I guess I'll be stepping carefully until I can get these unwelcome neighbors evicted!

(I get extra blogger points for running away screaming
and then returning with a zoom lens, right?)


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