In which we are given permission to GO! Slowly. Mostly walking.

I sent the trot-out videos to the vet yesterday, and last night she told me to increase the walking to 45 minutes, 
 plus 3-4 minutes of trot ON THE TRAILS!

Cue the angel choirs

Fiddle couldn't believe her luck when she saw me open the trailer door and come down to the pasture to get her.

Do not mock.  Dis ma Superhero Costume.

She loaded right up, of course.  She practically grabbed the truck keys out of my hand in her haste to leave the property.

Dis ma Udder Superhero Costume.

 And we headed out!

On the trail, tra-la, tra-la.

The forecasted sun did not shine, but who cares?

Birds and Bees and Rider and Me, Tiddly-pom

20 minutes walking.  3 minutes trotting.

Vroooom, vroom.

Out to the bridge.

Trip-trap. Trip-trap.  Trip-trap.  No trolls here, tra-la.

20 more minutes, walking back to the trailer.

My ears are happy, my feet are happy, my mum is happy...

When we got back to the trailhead

It's Dory and Craig...and Freya!

Fiddle does not hate the new mare.

Life. Is. Good!


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