In which we ride out on trails and the world is a (much) better place now

I have learned to value the time I spend working in an arena.


Kaleaf was so happy to head out on the trails!

I will always love blue sky and dirt trails best.

Duana helps me teach Kaleaf to put his ears forward on command for pix

I've been riding Fiddle for 2 weeks, at a walk, every night in the pasture.  It's better than nothing.  It's slightly better than the arena (although we are practicing our dressage-at-a-walk) because there is grass and a few trees to look at while we practice striding around soundly.

But when Duana and Patty invited me and Kaleaf to join them this morning

He's getting the hang of the ear thing.  We'll keep practicing, right?

of course, I said yes!

Four of my best friends in the whole world.

Kaleaf was Deeply Dubious about crossing the creek at the Bracken trail.  I'm sure he crossed plenty of water in the past, but our best guess says he hasn't been on trails for at least 3 years...and it was his first time out with me.

There was a bit of drama.

Nobody died.  Nobody bled.  There wasn't even any cussing, although I did laugh a bit at his histrionics.  

And then, we crossed the creek.  (Backwards)

Thinking pony is still contemplating that creek crossing

It was the best kind of day:

the kind where you get dirt stuck to the sunscreen,

 and then perspiration mixed with all that,

  and then more dirt stuck on top.

Back at the trailer

And then there's a very thorough shower

I'm clean, take a picture

 that feels so good at the end of the day.

La-la-la-la, not clean any more!

This dirt feels soooooooo good!

At home, after the ride, Jim helped me move dirt for the new Pumpkin Garden, and then I rode my horse in the pasture, at a walk, in the twilight.

Biggify the photo to see what I drew in the trailer dirt

The day was good.  The world is now better.


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