In which we get news of improvement and the sun is shining on us

I've really felt the dark clouds over the last few months.

Not just the literal clouds--those are depressing, but normal for the Swampland in late winter.  This year, the metaphoric clouds gathered over my head were full of self-blame for my horse's lameness.

Here's why:

At the time the video (above) was taken, Fiddle had been on confinement and limited movement for more than two months.

And she was still VERY lame.


I sent that video to the vet and the farrier and they both said "Nope, that's not what we want to see."


Cue the blackest of clouds, which proceeded to hover at ear-level for two weeks as we waited for an opening in the vet's schedule.

Retail therapy doesn't help when the pony is lame, but the new
rig looks pretty good all hitched up!

Finally, the sun came out, literally and metaphorically.

Mel (farrier) met us at the vet hospital to watch it all.   She used to work with Dr. Fehr, so I really feel like I have the best possible Fix Hinky Horsey Team.

First I did a "walk-out."

Dr. Fehr shows the motion she still sees from Fee's right rear leg at the walk

Then, the trot out.
Farrier Mel Sherman watches the trotting.
 The vet's assistant, Wonderful Rebecca, did the trot out so I could watch and take video.

(also, because post-surgery, I really suck at jogging still.  Improving, but still sucky)

After the straight out-and-back, we wanted to see a bit of bending after flexion.  Wonderful Rebecca is at the wheel for this once again.

Then there was a complete acupuncture exam and chiro adjustment, which Fiddle obviously enjoyed.

3 months of rest, plus hand walking and a course of Adequan are having a positive effect.

The vet said (in her report, which she emailed to me--I adore modern communications!) "Today, she looks great - slight shortening of the anterior phase of RH at a walk, at a trot this was less obvious."

She is not fully sound...yet.  But we are finally moving in the right direction.

And the next step:

Monica remarked on Fiddle's "happy face" for being put in tack again

walking, under saddle, at home.

Cue the sunshine and birdsong!

We will start with brief sessions at first.  Fee has lost a ton of muscle tone while rehabbing.

I don't have a schedule for recovery.  I have some things I'd like to do with her this summer, but I'm prepared to make haste slowly.

Just the Dragon and me...and her minions

The clouds are lifting at last.


  1. Thank goodness for good news!!

  2. Getting back in the saddle, even if it is just for a short time at the walk, must have felt so amazing! I'm glad both of you are exiting the world of hinkiness!

  3. Great news and so happy to see you both together as one again!

  4. It's going to be okay. Seriously -- it's gonna be okay.


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