In which Duana chooses a red mare, and gives her a silly name

The matchmaking thing with Basalt didn't work for Duana.

He's a nice little guy, very sweet, but also very stubborn and a bit set in his ways.  He is still available for sale, and his forever person will be somebody who wants a talented athlete with a ton of attitude.

Du doesn't need that much attitude.   She needs somebody like


Freya, formerly Fyre, currently called Freya McMuffin Papapdum.  One suspects that even more names will be added to the list.  She just turned 8 years old.

Du was a little dubious about loading, but Freya knows what to do

Freya has already done a little bit of everything:  some arena work, a few shows, a little bit of trail work.

She's food -motivated, and likes people, and seems willing to please.

Hey, what are the horses OVER THERE doing?  Shouldn't we go find out?

Du will take her for a 30-day trial and have a pre-purchase exam done.

Welcome, new red mare!

We hope she likes endurance!

In another entry from the Small World Department, I was talking to the lady who is selling Freya, and learned that she's shopping for new horse property...and that the place at the top of her list is the boarding barn where we used to keep Fiddle and Hana.

I told her all about the place, and especially about the Amazing Pear Tree that looks like death on a stalk, but yields endless buckets of amazingly delicious pears.

a practically-vintage photo from 1999 of lytha and Baasha
eating pears while visiting the old boarding barn

I also told her that we had planted memorial fruit trees in the yard for for our dogs (because we were living in a rental at the time), marked with their biothane collars and tags.  

It's been more than ten years, and I didn't know if the trees had survived,  Yesterday, Lisa sent me this via Facebook:

Pippin's tree
That makes me happy.


  1. Lytha! ( Stupid auto correct!)

  2. Hope she works out for Duana - red mares can be good, I know it, and Duana too - is she keeping Hana? I like the name Freya - is there a reason for the name?

    I loved seeing our photo on your blog - I remember that place so well. I wonder what horses live there now, if any?


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