In which there's a rehab update on the Dragon and things are better

Rehab from lameness is, ideally, not very interesting.

Interesting almost always implies things going horribly wrong.

This is boring, which is good.

So, speaking from an "ideal world" perspective, Fiddle is doing great.  In other words, it's pretty boring.

Finally, starting this week, we get to trot a little!

Today's map: about a mile and a half, in approx 25 minutes of walking,
and about 3 minutes of trotting under saddle, at home in the pasture.

But mostly, we walk.  Walking is good physical therapy, and gives us a little quiet time away from whatever else is happening on the Farm.  

"Nothing wrong with that!" sez me.

It isn't very interesting, though.

Today it was time to send an updated trot out video to the vet.  I figured y'all would want to see the's pretty visible (finally)!

First a traditional trot out-and-back.

Next, a side view.

You do remember which corner of this horse was broken, right?

(no fair peeking into past posts unless you're truly stumped)

We aren't done trudging yet.  But the trotting makes
everything better.

Between the rest/confinement, the handwalking, the new shoes, and a huge bucket of tincture of time, there is improvement.

I'll let y'all know what the vet sez, but I am happier and happier with what I see.



  1. You have to try to ride pretty patterns in your field so it's more than just a scribble, come on! Of course when I did this with Baasha, we had snow up to his knees so I could see what we were making.

    Today I woke up to a layer of snow everywhere. 28th April! Have you ever seen snow on (barely) blooming Azaleas? I hadn't. We may even be able to "celebrate" the Ice-Saints Holidays this year ( maybe you've heard of it.

    I'm acknowledging that all the seeds I planted are never going to sprout, and that's fine. Whatever.


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