In which we protect the little grey cells and meet some crafty horse folk

There's nothing subtle about the Dragon and me, including our gear... 

...and especially including my helmet!
My current brain-bucket.  I bought the rubber spikes and stick-on flames
at a local biker shop,  but they are also available online.

Yesterday at the trailhead, I ran into some friends who commented on my helmet decor...and then showed off their own head armor:

Pam chose purple!  I approve!

MaryLou likes a tasteful floral design

Super cool, right?  Apparently it's getting to be a "big thing" locally and further afield.  The local folks call them "Hell-hats" and trade ideas and photos via Facebook.

Wanna make your own?

Here are demo photos harvested from Facebook:

deconstruct the hat

cap-less brim

cut "pie wedges" from the brim's inside edge

insert helmet

decorative duct tape keeps the two pieces together

For those who prefer instructions in words,  DIRECTIONS ARE HERE

Here are some more photos for inspiration, stolen from the Hellhat Facebook page:

 hatband is a re-purposed belt

braided leather belt to cover the duct tape

This hellhat is encased in craft paint prior to decorating.
Spray paint is NOT recommended--it can degrade the
plastic shell and decrease effectiveness of a helmet.

don't stop with the brim--add a veil!

Extra baubles can be made from costume jewelry

For the true purple fan: feathers and a purple fox tail!
The hatband is a man's silk tie.

This looks like just enough fun that I might do it myself...err, maybe in the winter when the weather is bad.

For now, I intend to spend my spare time RIDING!

We are now up to 45 minutes walking, 4-5 minutes trotting!


  1. I feel inspired to do something to my helmet now!:)

  2. What am I doing wrong that I can't find them on facebook?! Love them and want to see more!

    1. The FB group is called Karen's Hellhat Posse.


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