In which it's a happy day, and we wave goodbye to a little friend

Today was a big day for Kaleaf.

Are you coming to visit me?

I've had fun riding the little fellow for the last few months.  

American Trail Gear sent a beautiful pink breastcollar
for Kaleaf, and have promised a matching headstall.

We've done arena work, trails, and just doodling around.  But he is not, and was never meant to be, my horse.

As of today, Kaleaf belongs to Jacqui.

Ten years ago, she gave me a horse.
Today, I helped Dory give her a horse.

She's got a boarding barn all set up for him on Vancouver Island, and has already started building a barn of her own on her farm property.  

She says she's forgotten a lot about having a horse.  That's maybe not surprising, given that she's undergone several sets of chemo/radiation to the brain since she owned Fiddle.

Here's the thing, New Mama:  horses need to eat Lots of Grass.
You will need to remember that, New Mama.

We loaded him up, and we waved goodbye.

Kaleaf wasn't convinced that he should get in the trailer.
We convinced him.  Imagine that.

I know he and Jacqui (and little Eliza) are going to have a wonderful life together.

Just thinking about it makes me smile.


  1. What a good boy Kaleaf is!

    Hey, I rode my horse today alone for the first time and what an amazing difference riding in an enclosed area makes. Cuz he offered to stop and stand still as often and as long as I liked. Hrmph! (And I have a photo!)


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