In which something sweet that looks like Toad is much too cute to eat.

I came to work the other day and found this cute little guy on my desk!

One of my co-workers went to Portland last weekend and while she was there, she visited Moonstruck Chocolates . If you haven't been there yet, you need to go. Their candies are almost too pretty to eat. And the "critter chocolates" are hilarious!

The little chocolate fellow is cute all on his own, but compare his sweet face and goggle-eyes to my old friend the Toad....

Now you understand why I can't eat the little sweetie.

At least, not for another hour or two.


  1. That is SO cute! The resemblance is uncanny! I will have to check them out. My aunt lives in Portland, maybe she's heard of them.

  2. I considered offering the Toad a taste of the little candy guy....naaaaah.

    I think I'll have to close my eyes when it comes time to bite the head off, though.

  3. you are the recipient of an award.


  4. I Loooove Moonstruck...that is why I stay away!
    That little horsey choc is too funny

  5. Too funny! So glad someone else has my delima....too cute right now but not forever :)


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