In which I set about making the place a FARM by planting some stuff

Herb-next-door tilled the garden soil THREE times in the past week to chop up the grass roots and rattle all the rocks to the surface. That done, now it's time to put some seeds in the ground at last.
The prepared bed, ready to receive little onion starts.

Seed packets, with their vegetable-porn labels . They aren't fooling anybody with those photos. Where are the slug-holes in the leaves? Where are the tattered parts of the flowers where the dogs decided to have a wrestling match in the middle of the bed? Humph.

My friend Ann says that seed potatos look like fewmets*. Dang, she's right.

Planting broccoli. To take the picture, I ask Luna to sit down in the garden near the broccoli bed. Then I run about 20 feet away, and set the camera on a bucket (aka "the gardener's tripod") and focus the lens on Luna. Push the "delayed shutter release" button and run back to the garden, next to Luna to pose for the picture. Notice that, in the photo, my knees appear furry-er than usual. Thanks, Luna.
Planting carrots. Again, Luna assists, and my elbows appear to need a shave.

Onions, ready to be planted.

Today I planted the onions, plus carrots, broccoli, spinach, and sunflowers.

Tomorrow: the potatoes and some herbs.

It's still too early (i.e. cold and wet) to plant tomatoes, beans, corn and squash, especially my favorite: Giant Pumpkins. I am a fool for Giant Pumpkins.
This is a 2007 Giant Pumpkin--isn't it beautiful?

Soon, soon, soon.

*fewmets = the spoor of a game animal being stalked, especially the droppings of dragons.


  1. How are you going to water the garden? Mom

  2. Water is easy: there are frost-free hydrants under the cedar tree (by the blueberries, at the top of the garden) and also under the sequoia tree, at the northeast corner of the house, and on the woodshed (weird, I know). For some reason, the former owners collected (and never threw away old) sprinklers--they left at least 10 sprinklers here that I've found so far.

    There are also at least 10 hoses that are still in good order, including some soaker-hoses. I recycled 5 hoses last week, got a few more to squash into the bin next week.

    There was definitely a water-fixation-thingy here in days gone by. Weird, but helpful.

  3. help, i have hose issues! in germany the hoses are wonky! i can't figure them out at all. get this - you buy them with no ends on them, and it's up to you to get the appropriate ends on. but the ends aren't those nice strong metal ones we know, no, they're weird and plastic and clamp together somehow (rather than screwing or having male/female ends). i have three hoses and 2 are busted, and one has useless ends (to me). i water from our rain barrels. and still haven't figured out the underground cistern with electric pump which attaches to a hose. (if i can't figure out the hose, how can i do the cistern/pump?)

    the other day after water sprayed everywhere, i ran into the house and said to my man "i have hose issues" and he couldn't help me. he knows as much about german hoses as i do: ( crap.

    but guess what - our peas have flowers! we have such a small selection of veggies, but everything is locked up tight in that greenhouse cuz i will not let it all go to wild animals. i have 5 zucchini seedlings and you know this is enough for a whole neighborhood, and i intend to supply everyone: )

    the cherry tomatoes are all about 4 inches high, looking hopeful. the beets and carrots are still very small, just sprouts with character.

    is it ok to have basil outside (greenhouse) or do they have to stay indoors? i have a big window box of them, and they're starting to push on the roof. don't want to kill them all by putting them out with the others...

    hoses everywhere, not a working waterline to see.

    p.s. it's tadpole transplant day! today i bring my tadpoles to the watershed. i found a pond there. i hope they enjoy their first and only horse ride!

  4. Hahaha, your nerdy side is showing, Aarane ;) I've never seen seed potatoes before, but you're right, they look exactly like I'd imagine fewmets to look.

  5. Funder: yeah, I am a nerd, and my friends are nerds. Sigh. The really, REALLY frightening thing is that when I showed my coworkers the photo of the seed potatoes and Ann said "fewmets," not a single one of them didn't know what she was talking about.

    Lytha: I'm trying not to laugh at your hose malfunctions, but dangnation, that's funny! Please take photos of your tadpole bus (I'm sure Baasha will be thrilled to be transporting froglets!)


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