In which Spring continues spring-ing, and some trees make way for a new fence

The whole idea of Spring is definitely catching on around here.

In the flowerbeds surrounding the orchard, there are all kinds of flowers, blooming in all sorts of unexpected places...

...almost like the Easter Bunny showed up a few days early to decorate for the party!

The big task today was to clear branches away from the north fenceline...or rather, the place where the north fence line will run, hopefully very soon.

I almost forgot to take a "before" picture!

This is after. I'll pound in t-posts between the two wooden posts, and string field fencing and hotwire to keep Hana and Fiddle inside (and to keep the neighbor's horses out)!

Later this week, I have to tackle the lower end of this fenceline, where the Dreaded Blackberries are growing.

I'm thinking that chainmail work clothes will not be overkill for that part of the task.


  1. first, thank you for spelling definitely correctly. second, please forgive any of my spelling errors that happen due to living in germany. i'm all confused about ei and ie lately!

    lovely to have surprise flowers! your treeline is gorgeous! i need to see more pics of your land to get a real feel for it!

    we've got fully HALF of our blackberries under control. someday, we'll have a blackberry free hang.

    we pounded more tposts and laid some geotiles but it's exhausting work, and so we came in the house to watch a movie (the island - super film!) and it started pouring rain so i made a roaring fire. now i cannot move from this spot. roaring fire is sooooo nice. looking out the window, baasha's sleeping in his stall.

    the smell of cow manure is permeating our lives right now, cuz the neighbor across the street just fertilized - the stinky way. EW! i can't burn enough scented candles right now.

  2. Your imagination is delightful: "blackberry-free", indeed. How do you expect to achieve this goal, short of a nuclear device?

    I'm hoping my neighbor and his tractor will come and play with MY blackberry forest. Keep fingers crossed.


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