In which there is even more fence building, and it is very pretty.

See? The lumber pile fluffed up considerably once we got it unloaded. Now we've just got to figure out how to make this stack into a barn....

I worked on the perimeter fencing for the dogs today. I got an amazing deal on chicken wire (hooray for Craigslist) from a guy who was selling off wire left over from a stucco project (there's chicken wire in stucco? who knew?), and instead of spending $27 at the hardware store for 30 feet of the stuff, I paid $100 for 450 feet of better-quality wire. Now I have plenty of chicken wire for dog fencing AND for actually building a pen for chickens!

ALSO, I found (buried under a weird stack of lumber behind one of the outbuildings) 25 more Very Tall t-posts, perfect for our pasture fence. We'll start pounding horse-fencing posts this week.
I have discovered that there's no such thing as too many fence posts on a farm.
Meanwhile, Jim and Willy dug post holes. We will definitely rent a gas-powered auger for the pasture fence posts, now that we know how many ROCKS are providing the excellent drainage under our pasture soil. These are the holes for our new 14-foot front gate, which will finish the "doggie safe" perimeter fence!

The back deck is a splendid place to watch the sunset, and to rest a bit after some hard work.


  1. i couldn't wait to show my man this post - look what aarene found, look!!! we won't be finding the same, we've looked: ) and, tposts are not the norm here.

    i'm still waiting for ours to arrive! how annoying that they're late and didn't call. very ungerman. agh.

    your pile of barn is very cute. my man lol'd at your description: )

    your property is gorgeous and you have a new willing helper, how nice! tonight at a family bday party my man kept mentioning how people are welcome to visit and help dig out blackberries. haha, ha, welcome : )

    i said "no, tell them they're welcome to come visit and enjoy some nice chocolate chip cookies, and then we'll start pulling out blackberries, and saying, "look how FUN this is! don't you want to do it too!?!?!" but no, he didn' one's comin.


    we're really makin a dent in those blackberries. i mean, a sizable dent! and nettles too!

    we're even considering planting potatoes where we've cleared them. hm!

    i love that we're going thru this together, 8k miles apart. and we really would like to visit in july and compare "new farm" stories. fiddle and hana will be there in july, right?

    hey, i see blackberries in one of your pics!

    oh, what was it my man said the other day as i pulled on a very long root? as i pulled and pulled, and finally got it free, he said "Oh no, I hear Hawaii, lytha, you've just pulled Hawaii under the ocean!" cuz you know, they're all connected, the roots.

    i said "if the internet were as stable and interwoven as this net system of blackberry roots...well, it'd be a lot faster."

    good day from the rheinland - soon we'll have a guestroom for you guys

  2. Tell your man that y'all need to keep pulling on those long roots--maybe you'll pull out the blackberries at my place! Listen closely: hear any pirate-esque cussing? Then, PULL!!!

    I'm not sure there's enough potatoes in the world to plant where our blackberries are. And now they're growing. Ack.

    You *absolutely* must come visit in July. I can take you riding! (you can ride Hana, she's an Arab so you'll feel at home).

    Think of all the "new farm" stuff we can talk about. Some days your triumphs are all that can compel me to go outside and see what I can conquer around here. There's so much work to do.'s my farm. Mine. Mine. Mine. Soon, my horses will be here. For that experience, clearing blackberries for a fence is worth it.


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