In which I am busy, and so I write a few poems just for fun

Since I'm busily writing my NaNoWriMo novel this month, my blog posts will be shorter than usual. I promise to publish a few amusing excerpts from the book, as soon as I write something amusing. Hmmm. Might be a few days.

In the meantime, a few haiku poems to amuse everyone and keep y'all updated on the goings-on at the Farm:

New Horse Blanket
It arrived today
wrapped in plastic, pristinely
clean. That sure won't last.

It Looks Very Nice
Straps are adjusted
Buckles are done just so. Her
tailor is a goat.

On The Horse
That white bit on top
She eyes with great suspicion
Soon it will be mud.


  1. A purple blanket
    on a bay standardbred mare
    Swamplands fall colors.

  2. Poetry for all!
    But I count on my fingers.
    Numbers are not easy :(

    (You started this, Aarene, and now I can't stop!)

  3. easy to get hooked:
    poetry is that way, and
    haiku doubly so

  4. I use the same blanket :)

    I will NOT use Haiku's :) Otherwise my work memos will become very very interesting. Ahhhhh!!! get. out. of. my. head.


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