In which we rehearse food in preparation for the Upcoming Feast

Here's the thing about cooking at Haiku Farm:

I make pretty good soups. The horses and dogs are also impressed with my mashes, especially the mashes that have lots of apples in them.

Jim is the King of Outdoor Cooking, and is also our chief Breakfast Maker and Bread Baker.

Willy is the the family member who makes the most amazing Korean food.

Although we won't be cooking the Thanksgiving turkey out-of-doors, Jim has claimed the project as his own anyhow. He has also brewed a special batch of beer for the occasion, and is concocting some amazing ingredients (apples from the orchard) for a turkey brine. Go crazy, sez I.

I'll be, uhm, mashing the potatoes. I also have a butternut squash-and-apple dish specialty.

Willy will be making SanJack. That's the best 'Murken translation of the name of the Korean harvest dish he made for our dinner tonight, as a rehearsal for Thanksgiving. Since he'd never made it by himself before, he wanted to practice it before making a bunch for the crowd next week.

Willy's directions are written in gold. I took the pictures.

need: beef, 2eggs, green onion, garlic, carrots, mushroom, oil, sort, sugar, black paper, and any kind of skewer

1. first making souse sugar(i don't use for Aarene),sort, garlic, green onion and olive oil little and mix

(I can't have sugar, so he skipped that ingredient for my benefit). He mixed up the sauce in a ziplock bag.
2. next mix souse and beef

3. than cut the Carrots,Mushrooms, and green onion like width 1cm length 6cm Thick 0.5cm4. after 2 and 3 low warm
He sauteed the carrots and mushrooms. The whole house smelled divine at this point!

5. then use the Skewer Piercings all to getther
6. next add the flour cover to 5
7. then use the egg and cover to 6(but only use to yellow part)

8. after use the pen and cook

We may be the only family in the Swamplands this year to serve this dish...but next year, who knows? I think it might catch on.
Life is good!


  1. It looks delicious. Mom

  2. Great cooking - looks like the whole family is involved, which is really neat! We're having our second vegetarian Thanksgiving this year, so no bird, but lots of other interesting things.

  3. Ooh that sounds yummy. I could almost smell it.

  4. Sounds good, but I'm not very good with skewers. I might try just stir frying it!

  5. One thing about being far away with no farm to care for is that we have lots of times cooking and such. Will definitely be trying this! One would think that Hobart was a total backwater, but it is nearly as diverse as Vancouver in terms of food and available ingredients.


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