In which I heed a friend's very good advice, and I Shut Up and Ride

Sometimes, even in the rainy season, it's better to ride than it is to talk about riding. So that's what I did yesterday!

I've included three short videos of some trails through the Pilchuck Tree Farm, one of the best local places to ride: lots of trails, lots of logging roads, and lots of wildlife. The film quality is not always the best, but it will give you a little taste of our terrain.

Let me take you with me on a few of our trails:


  1. Thanks for the virtual trail ride! I haven't been able to go trail riding in so long, but at least I can see the trails through you!

  2. PG: I'm probably going out again tomorrow, even if it rains. Really I should be writing--need to hit 25,000 words on Sunday--but if the weather is even halfway decent I will be riding.

    I'm just that kind of a person!

  3. Oh man, that was SO COOL! Thank you for sharing. It's just beautiful back on those trails. So vibrant! Kinda makes me miss Mississippi!

  4. thanks for that! i liked the last one cuz her feet were so quiet you two made almost no noise.

    knowing your trees and plants is important, helps with interpreting the orienteering clues!


  5. Mmmm... had to come over and check out your layout since you put that "busy" comment on my post. Your blog isn't bad at all! Still readable, has an identiy color that isn't like all the other 40 billion blogs I read. Pretty good! :)

    I just realize that you aren't in my blogroll and you should be. I'll rectify that next time I update the blog roll (~a week?).


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