In which I keep writing, and I get a little LUCK in the mailbox

Today is Friday the 13th, and look what showed up in the mailbox today:

His name is LUCK, and he's a gift from BootsandSaddles4Mel. I stopped at the mailbox on the way out to run errands this morning, and there he was, waiting to go with me!

Isn't he just about the cutest little thing? I swear I must have kissed that sweet nose every time I was stuck at a stoplight. Then I brought him home and wrote him even further into my NaNoWriMo novel (21,319 words so far)!

Here's today's excerpt. A few days ago the novel was starting to stagnate, and it desperately needed a crisis so I pushed a supporting character down the stairs. Today, the main character tried to figure out the significance of the little sheep toy. Good luck, lady.

Or should I say, "Good
LUCK" because that is, of course, our little toy himself in his very first cameo appearance in a novel?

“It's just really intense” she told Isabelle that evening as they chatted by phone. "Here’s this big, perfectly-capable adult man being watched every second by an over-protective eleven-year-old. No, “intense” isn’t the right word—it’s almost frantic. That kind of manic look you see border collies get when they watch a flock of goats that are bound to do something outrageously foolish at any moment.”

Isabelle considered. “Well,” she said, “the kid did just lose her mom. Maybe she’s afraid to lose her dad as well?”

“Yeah, I thought of that,” Libby said. “Except that she was the same kind of frantic about her grandmother until.” she paused, remembering the chain of events, “until she gave her grandmother that little toy, the sheep thing. That little girl looked like she was ready to explode when the toy fell, and she only relaxed when we ducted-taped the thing to Katherine’s shirtsleeve.”

“You didn’t duct-tape a stuffed animal to Katherine’s shirt really, did you?” Isabelle asked, sounding appalled.

“Well, yeah. I mean, the medics had a roll of the stuff right there, so I borrowed it. And as soon as the sheep was secured, the kid was okay, like she had unplugged the worry machine. It was really weird.”

Now, back to writing the novel. It's a good thing I've got LUCK right here. He reminds me to quit dawdling around with the blog and write another 1,000 words before dinner is ready!


  1. You go, girl, on your NaNoWriMo word count! Great job :)

    My attempt is going to be an absolute bust this year, but at least I'm writing. I've never actually sat down to write a fiction piece, although the stories are constantly dancing around in my head. I'm frustrated, because I had this great story all planned out, and the characters aren't behaving at all It's like trying to herd cats. :(

  2. Keep going, Becky! You can do it!

    I admit that last year's story was more fun, and I'm looking forward to re-writing THAT more than finishing the thing I'm currently writing. Also, I think my main character is boring and my supporting characters are more interesting....bah.

  3. How funny that he came on Friday the 13th!!! and his name is LUCK.

    Glad to see he made it thorugh ok - there wans't much protection in the envelope, but then I thought "it's a stuffed animal! if it get's squashed, it will probably get un-squashed!".

    So are you going to make your word count by the end of the month????? the suspense is killing me.


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