In which the Minerva Louises do not enjoy the rain at all

The tarp manufacturers must love us. I figure we're probably on their corporate Xmas gift list this year, because we've supported them so strongly since buying Haiku Farm.
Jim is on the last stages of finishing the chicken's Winter Palace...unfortunately, the part that isn't in place yet is the roof, so they can't move in early and must make do for now with the hastily-winterized Chicken Tractors.

Apparently, not all of them are satisfied with this arrangement.

Dear Farmer People
We want boots, jackets and hats
Sinceerlee, chickens


  1. Oh my. When it's so bad your chickens start leaving you notes, then it's BAD. Let's just hope they don't start sending letters to the labor union, demanding better working conditions! :-)

  2. My stepmother, who had an egg operation in the 60's told me about the time when her hen barn flooded. No chickens were injured, but the buildings water system was destroyed. This left her only one option for watering 500+ layers: dipping buckets of water from the Snohomish river.

    The hens went on Strike, she told me. Egg production dropped 50% until they repaired the water system. Watch out for Organized Chickens.

    Sivians: Flying Monkeys. Yes, they're real. No, they won't fly out of your...well, you know.


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