In which Fiddle and I meet some friends for a jaunt through the watershed

Jennifer and Laser offered to give Fiddle and me a guided tour of the Redmond Watershed. The weather even cooperated--bright sunshine, not too warm, not too cool. It was just right!
And look: spring has arrived! We were barely 30 feet away from the trailhead when Jennifer spotted this:

the first trillium of the season!

About another mile further, and we saw:
Can you see it?

Here's another picture of it:

That's not the only hard-to-spot cool thing. Check this out:

(Fiddle and I are really there...but there's something else, can you see it?)

Here's another one:
Still can't see it, huh? One more time:

There it is! About 4 pixels tall.

After exploring some of the most beautifully-built trails I've ever seen (wide, lovely tread, excellent sightlines, and no pokey branches or nasty roots to trip over!), we wandered into some posh neighborhoods strung together by trails.
Across from the bighouseneighborhood, then there was this:
I wish I'd gotten photos of the two signs at the edge of the lake:
Apparently in Megamilliondollarneighborhoodland, irony is affordable, even to outlanders like myself.
Once we returned to the park, I had to take a break of a personal nature...
You know how girls always have to go to the restroom together?

Fiddle doesn't understand why some people don't understand why girls have to stick together at times like these.

It makes perfect sense to her.

We met a couple of kids on the trail. They were about 40 feet from the houses, and yet they carried walkie-talkies to stay in constant contact with their mom. Weird much?
(I blurred their faces in the photo on purpose, they weren't that blurry in real life)
Jennifer asked if they wanted to feed some carrots to our horses. They clearly did! But when they asked the maternal if they could feed carrots to the horses, she hollered "H*ll NO! Get off the trail and stay away from them!" Jennifer talked to the mum via radio and secured approval. The kids were thrilled. Fee even did her foot-waving trick for them.

What a great day.
Fiddle's first Limited Distance ride is next Saturday!
You know, I think we might be ready for it.


  1. Looks like a great outing - wish I'd been there!

  2. How glorious! Glad you were able to get carrot feeding approval from mom - nice that kids get to explore the woods, but scary...

  3. I thought the trillium was the first poison ivy of the season. Glad I was wrong! ;) The heron is beautiful - I miss those guys.

    I bet yall will do GREAT at your ride. Can't wait to see pictures of it!

  4. I was just talking to a friend the other day about how ridiculously protective parents have become. They are so afraid they won't let them be kids and cause Nature Deficit Disorder (no I didn't make that up). Well at least they we outside and got to feed the horses!


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