In which some things are pretty and some things are cute...and then, there are goats

The local newspaper says that allergy season has kicked up extra-early this year. Here's why:
Cherry trees are budding.

The plum tree too.

Blueberry bushes. And in the flower garden...

Such pretty chickens.

Speaking of prettiness: Fiddle.
Hana is always pretty. It's almost impossible to take a bad photo of her.
So, we have plenty of prettiness. But who needs prettiness when you can have GOATS?
You know what I always say: once there are pictures of goats, nobody wants to see pictures of anything else.
So: here ya go!


  1. Look at those goats!! They are so adorable! I love how they nap together, mine do the same. They are so much fun!
    I can't believe how everything is blooming already. I won't complain because that means spring is almost here!

  2. Great pics - looks like spring is really taking hold in your area! The goats are adorable!

  3. my gosh, you're right. I want more goat pictures!!



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