In which we go for a ride and celebrate an anniversary

You know you're really a horse person when... look at the pretty picture of the daffodil and notice that there's a horse trailer in the background with the back door open and ready to load!

But first...
...gotta get the horses cleaned up. Which means taking about half a ton of loose hair off the horse and spreading it all over the backyard instead.

We took a trail that one of the local land managers had asked a bunch of us to "fix" a few weeks ago. The trouble is that a trail through a swamp is still a swamp. What a mess. This trail is NOT endorsed by your local TrailMasters. Bah.

Lunch break. Obviously, Hana was working a lot harder than Fiddle on the trail today--mostly looking for something "scary" to spook at, mostly unsuccessfully. But not for lack of trying, silly mare!

Now, you wanna see something scary? Take a look, silly mare. See that yellow thing lurking in the bushes there?
Hana wanted nothing to do with it. Fee wasn't scared.
"Take our picture, Jim!" Hana couldn't believe that Fiddle was crazy enough to get right underneath that scary thing.

Former trees, future lumber.
Hana finally regained her brain, and led us calmly through the trees and back to the trailer.
And look! The huckleberry bushes are starting to bloom!
Back at home, we celebrate the anniversary of getting a boy and moving to the farm by having cookies and milk for dinner, with pasta, fresh vegetables and pesto for dessert
--and (not very) cut-throat Scrabble too.
Life is good!


  1. My horses would have been climbing trees to avoid the yellow monster!

    I'd be right at home at your house. Scrabble is my favorite diversion. Since Mr. Fry can't spell his way out of a paper bag, I play the computer version against an opponent called Elite. In the old version, the opponent was called Maven, so that's what Mr. Fry still calls "him".

    The dessert sounds right up my alley. I need to look back for the story of how Willy came to live with you.

  2. What a great ride. We walked our boy under our back hoe, don't think he'd go near it under saddle.

  3. Beautiful ride, I love the pictures! You are the sacking out queen.

    You are also the recipient, (and should have been on Friday, dang it!) of the beautiful blogger award from TLH. I love your blog. I accidentally left your notification on Funder's blog (who is also on the list, though I missed notifying her), and dropped your link. Gah. I fell into some sort of lost link limbo.

    Don't need to link back, I just wanted you to know you received it from me as well. :)

  4. thanks for stopping by my blog !
    I hope to see you at a ride soon!

  5. Happy anniversary to all of yall! :D


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