In which we celebrate Saturday Stories : a garden story

Local author/storyteller/librarian/gardener George Shannon told me this story. He said it happened to him. I believe him. --A

Getting Directions

A newcomer to Seattle visited the Pike Place Market, wandering among the stalls and talking to the merchants there.

After several pleasant hours, he asked one of the flower merchants for directions to the University, for he was scheduled to speak at a certain lecture hall there in the late afternoon.

The flower merchant gave him elaborate directions and drew a map as well.

“Go up this street," she told him, "and at the third corner turn right and follow the narrow street to a little house with a beautiful garden. Walk slowly past the garden, then continue uphill for another 6 blocks….”

Another merchant in a nearby market stall listened with amazement to these directions.

“That’s the craziest way to get to the University that I’ve ever heard. Listen, mister: go to the top of this street, and wait for the #201 bus. It will take you straight to where you want to go, and a lot quicker than walking that crazy route.”

The flower merchant listened to her neighbor’s outburst, and nodded her head.

“It’s true, there are faster and more direct ways to get to your destination.

"But if you follow my directions and go past the garden, sometimes you might meet the gardener. And some days, she gives away seeds.”


  1. belltown p-patch. that's the only garden by the market that i know of. right?



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