In which we have a new idea for entertainment at parties

Jim found this on YouTube.

We immediately thought of our own beloved Tootles!

Happily, she is back up and running again(thanks to some online traktormech who suggested installing the alternator upside down, which solved the problem that has been sidelining her all winter).

Whaddya think?

You folks wanna come over for a night of musical jamming with our tractor?


  1. Left you something :) The post will be up Friday morning.

  2. I'm a little slow this morning. It took me a full 30 seconds to understand the backbeat was the TRACTOR.

    Then you could hear the hooting and hollering all over our house. Cracked me up to hear those guys trying to suppress their laughter too.

    Thanks for the smile, and the music!

  3. Hilarious! Hope you and your fixed up tractor make beautiful music together.


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