In which the family returns to ridecamp for a week of trail work

Our family is in camp right now,
building and riding mountain trails with our friends.
We'll be back next week--please leave a message.


  1. Can't wait to hear about the adventures when you're back!

  2. "See ya when you get back!"

    I'm leaving Friday for my first ever horse camping trip. So excited!


  3. Sorry I didn't make it out! We started haying this week, and I'm "on-call" every afternoon. Hope you had a great ride and a great week!

  4. Hello...
    I found your blog about a month ago and have been reading it bit by bit.

    I love your the stories of your rides and Fiddle. I, too, have a Standardbred. My guy is 22 and was retired from the track at 9. He is my best friend and often keeps me going when things in my life get me down.

    I dream some day of competing in an endurance ride, or even just a competitive trail ride....but for now I can only enjoy it through the blogs of others. Both me and my boy have "physical issues," that would make any hard riding difficult.

    Thank you for sharing your stories :) I can definitely relate to getting up at a much earlier time when you are going to be doing something you enjoy vs just another day at work/home


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