In which I share some nice team pictures and silly stuff from Klickitat

In the Pacific Northwest region, our teams compete for regional points. Grand prize for the highest number of points is awarded at convention--sometimes a trophy, but sometimes it's matching sets of underwear for all the team members. Clearly, it's my kind of competition.

Our team is the Pirate Nation, and I am Captain Terrible Crabmeat. Allow me to introduce some of my crew and some other goofballs that were hanging around camp last weekend:
Cassie is our newest recruit. Notice that she has a valuable captive on her lap.

That puppy isn't really dead. She just really enjoys having her tummy scratched.

Also new to the team this year are Amanda and her trusty steed Cato.
They had a fun day on Saturday, but Cato was, alas, lame at the finish line and so they didn't "finish" the ride. The rules say that the horse must be "fit to continue" (i.e. in shape to go out and travel another 15 or 20 miles) at the finish line, and Cato's lameness was consistant--probably something simple but aggrevating like an abcess.

Ah, well, if you travel enough miles, you'll have a story like that to share at the fire someday.
Buster gave Pirate Morgan a nice ride on Sunday, but her young gelding was a real handful on Saturday AND they got blown off-course and did an extra 12 miles in order to complete the competition. The young gelding is for sale, by the way...he comes with a compass that doesn't point north.

Her hubby Steve has a lovely young gelding too, and Colt is NOT for sale. He had fun on Saturday and stayed in camp on Sunday.
Autumn is a seasoned Pirate riding borrowed horses this year, because her "real" horse has a heart murmer. At Klickitat, she borrowed a big ol' mustang called "Red". We had to leave camp before she got to the finish line--I hope she had fun!

Speaking of people having fun, here's some pictures that made me laugh:
Fiddle went shopping at the Healthy as a Horse booth, clearly wondering if the sheepskin would look good with her outfit.
B-dog advised Fiddle to just stick with purple.
I know I already posted this picture of Brian in the wheelbarrow at the ride meeting, but it's so silly I have to post it again!
I need to make a Venn Diagram to accompany these photos, to indicate that the intersection of endurance riders and fashion sense equals null set. See what I mean? Anna may look goofy in that shiny hat, but I'd never tell her so--she's the best dang ride timer in the region!

And then, there's this lil' cowpoke:
Could I deny him, when he very seriously asked me to pulse his pony and watch his trot out?
His pony had a good strong heartbeat, which didn't surprise anybody, especially me.

Life is good!


  1. that is what I'm talking about F-U-N! You brightened my day...I WANNA BE A PIRATE TOO. ~E.G.

  2. EG- we are only allowed 15 people on each team, HOWEVER (because we are Pirates and we consider rules to be more like guidelines anyhow), we have a lot of extra people hanging around doing piratical things. We call them BARNacles. They get to talk piratical talk and drink rum and stuff.

    And I am officially admitting YOU to our group of Barnacles. Come on over to the camp anytime, and bring some lime juice with you!

  3. Hi Aarene- This is Karen, I met you and Fiddle at Klickitat (and HOTR) I ride the bay TB mare, Dazzby. Funny, I am an EG fan and found your blog thru hers!
    Just wanted to say hi, I like your blog- do you have any posts on your training philosophy with Fiddle?
    I remember you saying you really took your time with her and I am just starting Dazzby's four year old son and am exploring different ways to introduce him to endurance someday.
    Karen W.

  4. Poor Amanda! I promise to never complain again about my horse being too tall for me! (I predict this promise will last 4.3 days before I break it.)

    The micro-junior rider on his one-legged horse is adorable. Glad he vetted through ok!

  5. Awwww...what a good sport you are making that lil' cowpoke feel a part of the Pirate Nation. Too stinkin' cute!

    There was a time that the only horses I thought I'd ride again were stick ponies and the grocery store 'Quarter' horses.

    I think what makes that photo so fun with Brian in the wheelbarrow, is not so much that he's in a wheelbarrow (that probably just finished hauling horse apples), but the expressionless faces of everyone around him.

    Great pics!


  6. By the way, I really do want to know how Amanda climbed up that horse of hers? It looks like she could easily just walk under his belly without even bending over.

    Does she do any Tarzan moves to get up there?


  7. KAREN: Welcome! I think it's about time to write a "training philosophy post" for this, stay tuned while I think for a few days, okay?

    FUNDER & LISA: Cato is just as tall as I get sympathy? Nooooo! (BTW, we have lots of tree stumps here, they make good mounting blocks)

  8. One of my favorite pictures so far.... your pulsing in the stick horse. Absolutely precious. Keep up the good work!

  9. They get to talk piratical talk and drink rum and stuff
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