In which the Summer Solstice Party's guest of honor fails to show up

Celebrating the
first day of summer without
the sun: Swamp Party!

"Rain" tea, ah well. It
still tastes pretty good if you
heat it up a bit.

Jim's traditional
Solstice bonfire: welcoming
the sun with propane.

Our garden garlands
ask for peace on earth and, please,
a little sunshine?

Some folks--you might say
"the smart folks"-- ride out the rain
inside the warm house!

Outside, the rain slacks
a bit. Librarians and
horse folks enjoy it.
The Guardian Owl
is a source of concern to
some party-goers.
Librarians don't
fear the Plastic Guardian.
They are brave like that.
Most folks enjoy the
fire and food and friendly talk
even in the wet.

Cute kid with hot dog.
(Cue the ominous music.)
Dog moves in for feast!
Hoist the mainsail, ye
scurvy bilgerat! I'm Pirate
B-dog the Hungry!


  1. I didn't show up? Oh how completely rude of me. :)
    I love the rain tea, the whole post cracked me up, and made me want toasted marshmallows!
    Oh. Almost forgot why I'm here...
    you WON the caption contest at TLH! We could not decide on two great captions, so you both won. It was tough. Daisy has a black eye, and Bella's hand is wrenched. I have a lump on my head. Other than that, we're all getting along swimmingly.

    (The german shepherd bears an uncanny resemblance to me when I've spotted cake.)

  2. Haiku (from the dog)

    No on will feed me!
    Little Girl move close to me
    For I always share.

    Little girls who hold
    their plates too low sit by the
    dogs with full bellies.

  3. that's quite a fire pit! looks like a fun party despite the weather.

    our hippy neighbors had another overnighter where they pretend to be native americans (with wordless vowel songs) around the fire until 2 am. it's not german at all to be THAT loud. even baasha was scared by the drums this time.

    wish we could have been at your party.


  4. That's it! I wasn't invited? I'm crossing you off my Christmas, er, Winter Solstice list LOL!

  5. LEAH FRY, Jane, and lytha, you were all invited! If I'd had any vague hope that you could've hauled the sun along with you, I might even have sent an airline ticket.

    However, the sun DID come out...two days late. ;-)

  6. Our R and D department finally got on the ball and figured out a better prize for winning the caption contest, come pick yours up!

    Our weather is going from 92 to 50 and back. Maybe I can sneak away from it for awhile and toast some marshmallows with you!

  7. I'm so sorry to have missed the Solstice Party! But Graham has promised that we can go next year, when he can take some time off work and make a proper trip out of it. The PNW is just a bit too far for a weekend road trip.

  8. That's awesome--- you're wearing library paraphernalia-- I didn't even know there was such a thing. :D

  9. BECKY, there are entire catalogs dedicated to library paraphernalia. Hats, earrings, necklaces, coffee mugs...I have a "banned books" bracelet and an entire drawer of t-shirts featuring wild things, dr. seuss characters, summer reading slogans, and the first amendment to the constitution!


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