In which a party invitation is extended to our Blog Friends

We're having a party, and readers of this blog are invited!
Won't you join us?

Come to Haiku Farm, meet the horses, pet the goats, laugh at the dogs, admire the chickens, and have a lovely afternoon.

We'll supply hot dogs and marshmallows, plus a nice fire for cooking them. You bring food to share, plus your friends and family.

DATE: next Sunday, June 20th
(it's Father's Day--you can bring your dad!)

TIME: 4ish to 8ish
(earlier or later is good, too)

PLACE: Haiku Farm, The Swamplands USA
(email me privately for directions: aarenex AT haikufarm DOT net)
We look forward to seeing everyone!


  1. Well if we still lived in Mukilteo that would have been fun. Living here in Kansas makes the trip a little prohibitive.
    Hope you have a good turnout!!

  2. Sorry I'm too far away - it sounds like fun!

  3. I would love to come, but I will be out of state for another horse show!
    I hope you all have a great time!

  4. Bummer! I would so be there if I could. I'm going to busy volunteering all weekend for Walkin in Circle Horse Rescue's fundraiser 'Hug A Horse'.

    I'd bring chocolate bars and graham cracker. I love love S'Mores!
    Have a terrific time!


  5. :(

    It's really sad how much I want to come to your party.

    You don't have any spare plane tickets lying around, do you?

    On a complete side note, I finally put two and two together--- you're the one who wrote that REALLY incredible Mouthy Monday story for Mugwump Chronicles about when to put your horse down. She posted it before I "knew" you, so at the time I didn't comment about how much it moved me. I really loved that article--- fantastic writing, and it gave me a lot to think about. Thanks for writing it.

  6. Hey BECKY, no worries, we'll have more parties. You can come to a party later. Open invitation, in fact: if you come to the Swampland at any time, send me a note and we'll throw a party and invite everybody. Okay?

    That article about finding the "right" time to put down my horse was simultaneously the easiest and the hardest article I've ever written. It was accepted for publication by Endurance News within 15 minutes of submission, no lie. It's on this blog, too--with photos of my wonderful mare: plus an "afterword" of interest.

  7. Living here in Kansas makes the trip a little prohibitive.
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