Thanks for all the comments yesterday, everyone!

Now, back to our regularly-scheduled lifetime.

Before we were interrupted by the bad-customer-service tango, we were packing up to leave for camp....

This is a photo of my trailer tack room BEFORE I packed stuff for our week in the wilderness. Lots of stuff, but we actually use most of it.

Willy helped pack the hay. I can do it all myself if I have to (and have done it many times alone), but if there's a herky 17-year-old available, I'm certainly clever enough to ask for help!
We'll be gone a little more than a week, and the horses will be working hard, with limited time available for grazing in camp. That means we need to take THREE bales of hay. The hay takes up so much room, I've learned how to pack everything carefully so I can get to the essential stuff en route if necessary, and still pack the trailer so nothing tips or tumbles.
The camper is kept in a state of readiness, because sometimes we just toss it on the truck and go without much notice. So there's food, water, and clean sheets waiting for me.
Packing my clothes is another story.

I have to pack for two activities: trail work, and actually riding the LD next Saturday.

In addition, I have to pack for warm weather, hot weather, cool weather, cold weather, and wet weather...for both activities.

Weather in the mountains is usually hot during the day and cool at night, but it isn't always predictable, and trying to work in the wrong kind of clothing is really a pain!

Stack #1: outerwear
Hats (there's a rainhat in the camper already), vest, jacket, riding boots, working boots, and flip flops, plus the sneakers that are already on my feet.

Stack #2 : shirts

tank tops (I love the horse-head tank, got it from Kerrits a billion years ago, I wish they'd bring back that design!)

pirate shirts

ride shirts
When I first started riding endurance, I was deeply envious of people who had lots of different ride shirts, because I wanted to ride all those rides, too! Nowadays, I have plenty of ride shirts!

Hawaiian print stuff in case we go into town and I need to look like a tourist instead of a ball of sweaty dirt.

Stack #3 work clothes

a billion pairs of socks

flannel shirts

a purple sweatshirt

and Kerrits breeches (polarfleece and summerweight)

I discovered (the hard way, of course) that the Kerrits tights are made of a tougher material than the Carousel tights I use for competitions. Those black tights are probably 10 years old now, and they still haven't snagged or ripped at all, even though I wear them for trail-building every summer. I just wish Kerrits made breeches with padding, especially now that Colleen has stopped making Carousel tights!

Snuggled in with the work clothes are my clothes for ride day:

Carousel breeches (purple stripes, of course!)

and a purple tech-fabric shirt.

Depending on the weather, I might also borrow warmer or cooler layers from the stack of work clothes. Fashion is for dressage divas--endurance riders need to be comfortable!

Okay, I'm packed up and ready--it's time to hitch up the trailer and go!

See you in a week!


  1. Have a wonderful time. That's a lot of gear. Don't forget the Aleve.

  2. What fun. I feel like I'm going with you. Thanks.

  3. Hah, I need you to come pack for me! Hope you're having a wonderful time out there :)

  4. You should check out The Tights Lady of Just Horsin' Around (You can google her and find her easey peasey). She makes custom tights of any and all fabrics and patterns you can dream of. She also does polar fleece tights with padded crotch and padded knees. She can literally make anything you desire. I love the quality of her tights. She made my "Chappies" tights with the fringe for me and I just love 'em!

    Thanks for sharing your packing. WHo would have ever thought that'd be so interesting! We horse folks sure are funny.
    I like the ride t-shirts. Maybe one day ACTHA rides will encourage ride hosts to sell t-shirts for the rides, too. That would be cool!

    So, I have a question considering that you've been packing for rides for a very long long time.

    1)What have you forgotten to pack in the past that was very important.

    2)And how did you compensate for that forgotten item/s? Did you have to borrow from someone else or go home to get it?

    3)What are two luxury/comfort items that you could live without if you had to, but they make your rides/trips so much nicer to have?



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