In which if I HAD much hair, I'd have torn it out by now--please help me!

Blogspot has spontaneously re-located my SIDEbar to the BOTTOM of the page.

I didn't change anything to make this happen, but I've been trying to put the sidebar back on the side and I'm just boggled. When I get into the LAYOUT page, all the stuff shows up on the side, but when I look at the blog, it's all down at the bottom again.

I even DELETED everything in the sidebar, hoping to add it back, but the )*&^*() keeps sinking to the bottom again.

Ideas, anyone? My other blog is still fine, but there aren't any horses on that one.


  1. I have no help for you.

    But I give you much sympathy.

    And two sentences that start with conjunctions.

    I hope that helps.

  2. Have you recently updated to Internet Explorer 8 (or 9 or whatever?). A few days ago I updated to 8, and it screwed up EVERYTHING - nothing looked like it was supposed to. I removed IE 8, and everything is back to normal.
    According to blogger, you should be able to go to dashboard, then 'design', then drag your stuff to where you want it - but it sounds like you've tried all that, and it looks okay on dashboard but not on screen - which makes me think it might be desktop related (IE8), not related.

  3. Oops - just found something. If you did a post on word and then copied and pasted it into your blog, there may be hidden code that affected the sidebar. Here's what I found:

    "What happened is you pasted a Microsoft Word document into your post entry, and it copied a bunch of code along with the text. I would recommend that you edit those posts and delete everything except for the text and images. You may be able to do this quickly by highlighting all the HTML (including the text) in the post (the keyboard shortcut is to click in the post editor and press Ctrl+A), and then clicking on the Remove Formatting button (it shows as an italic, underlined T with a red x under it). Then delete all the remaining code that is not text or images (there is quite a bit of code before any real text). Then format your text to your liking using the post editor and save the posts again.
    For future reference, you should be aware that it is not a good idea to copy and paste text from Microsoft Word because it almost always inserts hidden code into the blog post that can break your blog (in fact, Microsoft Word breached your privacy by copying the file paths to several private files on your harddrive, making them public). Next time, try copying from Microsoft Word to a plain text editor, and then copying and pasting from the plain text editor to the post editor. That should stop the background code from being transferred from Microsoft Word to your blog."

    Now lets hope there's no secret code int that lot!

  4. Jean's idea about IE8 sounds logical to me--I lost everything back when I uploaded it a while back. Even after I "uninstalled" it, there were problems, and I had to do a reversion (or whatever it's called) to a date previous to the download. It was very aggravating--as I guess you know.
    Your colors have changed a bit, too...
    Good luck!

  5. If you try going to Design > Template Designer > Layout, does that help you at all? It's part of Blogger's new editor, and I like it after tinkering with it for a bit, but it can be a little overwhelming when you first pull it up!

    I don't know if you tried to get to a new template before this happened, but whenever you change you lose all your edits -- that includes color scheme AND layout particulars! It USUALLY defaults to whatever comes with that specific template but sometimes they get weird, LOL.

    Hope that helps. If not -- then, well, I'm stumped!


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