In which it's a pretty day, so here's a vid to watch while I go ride

I took this a few days ago, when the sky was moderately clear and the Swamp was moderately cold.

Watching the video, I thought "Is Fiddle LAME"? Uh, no...the cameraperson was posting the trot with a camera in her hand. Whew.

Today, the Swamp is crunchy with ice and the sky is blue-blue-blue, and Jim and I are taking the horses out to meet Jennifer and one of HER horses so we can all evaluate some trails that are scheduled for closure.

(Can these trails be saved? Trailmasters to the rescue! Uh, maybe.)

I'll post details about that when I can.


  1. There's the evil faces! That stupid short Arab cannot be allowed to stay in front. That's right out.

    Also: ohhhh! It's Hana with a long a. I have been saying Hana with a short a (and a southern accent) in my head.

  2. Love Hana's butt rug!
    You can tell just from watching how long Fiddle's trot is!
    Sloppy ride, but GREEN! I love the woods!
    (When is the Milwaukee ride in April? We HAVE to get together this year!))

  3. It took me a while to get used to the 'lame' bob of the helmet cam. Great video. Love your landscapes.

  4. Let me know what trail & what Jennifer? I would like to go! Wonderful "riding" on Fiddle! Big!


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