In which our weather is broken, so we stop and take a closer look

This was outside yesterday:


One of my primary reasons for living in the Swamp is that we rarely have to shovel the weather. This week is apparently one of the exceptions, because we got a few inches of the nasty white stuff yesterday, and overnight we got a bunch more.

(NOAA said that we would get a half-inch of shovel-able weather yesterday. We got 2 inches. Overnight we were supposed to get another inch. We got 3 more. They're predicting another 3 to 7 for today. Should I expect 6 to 14? or 9 to 21? I think the National Weather Service has been watching too much Star Trek, and is using a reverse Scotty Factor to under-predict sn*wfall in the Swamp).

Footprint rollcall:

me (above)

Jim (below) Luna and Mimsy (above)
a wild bunny (above)
the Minervas Louise (below)the neighbor's cat

the goats (above)
Fiddle and Hana (below)

the kids (above)
the big truck (below)My little truck is snuggled into an out-of-the-way parking spot until all this nastiness melts. It has good tires, and 120-pounds of bagged sand in the bed, but it does not have four wheel drive...and it does not do well in slippery road conditions. So, I'm stuck at home for a while--um, using the reverse Scotty Factor on current weather predictions, I'll be here 2 to 6 days!
Blah.At least it's pretty.


  1. At least it's likely to melt quickly, and spring will be here soon. So, the plural of Minerva Louise is Minervas Louise?!

  2. This might be one of my favorite blog posts ever.
    "we rarely have to shovel the weather"

    The foot print roll call in pictures! Great photos.

    It's supposed to snow here this weekend, at sea level, in the SF area. Few of us non-mountain dwellers know how to deal with/drive in snow. If we get half an inch, we'll have to stay off the road.

  3. I'd say its pretty...except I'm so OVER snow and ice this year. So ugly! (except for the pretty iron gate and the chicken prints which made me smile) . ~E.G.

  4. I'm sorry [not really!] that you got that mess, and we didn't, at least so far! [furiously knocking on wood!!] We got a little skiff yesterday morning, but not enough to delay my trip to Yakima. Did check out of hospital early, tho, so Al wouldn't have to drive me home in a snow storm [that never developed] today.
    Love the footprints. I've wanted to do something like that all winter, with the little birdies that Al feeds off the back porch, but never got around to it. And Sheltie Snowballs.
    I, too, noticed the plural of Minerva Louise...

  5. A: It's beautiful. And I kind of love snow, so I am envious.

    B: The Scotty Factor. You just made my night by introducing me to that theory. It's awesome!

  6. I think we live in the same state & listen to the same weather man! :-)


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