In which Jean solves a technical problem and I award her a GOLD STAR

Jean is a genius!

The weird formatting came from >something< in the post about broken weather...some strange bit of HTML that I couldn't find.  By deleting ALL the formatting, my sidebar once again appears

(drumroll please)


Um, except I've deleted bunches of it while mucking around.  Including a lot of my favorite blog links.   If you are a blogger and your blog should  be on my sidebar and it isn't, please leave a note in the comments with a link and I'll put it back in.

Fortunately, the weather is still broken, we've got 8+ inches of heavy, wet sn*w on the ground here at Haiku Farm, so I'm stuck at home until the Swamp warms up a me LOTS of time to re-un-fix the sidebar and it's missing parts.

Thanks, everyone.  And especially, thanks to Jean!


  1. Whoops... I commented on the other post before I saw this one! Oh well. Glad you got it fixed!

  2. I don't see me...
    Glad you're back in business!

    wv = tortyr = what Aarene shed while arguing tortuously with blogger about formatting

  3. So glad to be of help! Rather a miracle since I am the most un-techy (in fact, technophobic) person I know. However, I'm very much an experiential learner, and have run into problems with word cut-and-paste on my own blog.


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