In which someone said: "I think this party needs a couple of STANDIES!"

Those New Yorkers.

They really know how to throw a party!
And more importantly, they really know whom to invite to a party.
Minutes before 8 p.m., the two gray Standardbred geldings — former pacers who raced at tracks like the Meadowlands before they were rescued by Lori and John Allegra, who trained them to pull larger carriages — emerged from the elevator. They were serene as they stepped through a kitchen area between stacks of dishes and scurrying cooks in chef hats.
That's right, people:

If you plan to invite two 17-hand horses to your fancy dress party at the Waldorf-Astoria,
for best possible results, make sure the horses are STANDARDBREDS.

Story and photos stolen shamelessly and without permission from the New York Times, Feb 04, 2011 edition. See the original article by clicking HERE. Thanks to Elizabeth Tewkesbury from the Standardbred Excellence blog, who shared the article on Facebook, which is where I snagged it.


  1. Do you think that those 2 gray standies are related to my gray mare? Only Standardbreds will endure uncommon situations and not get excited!

  2. Very cool article - love the calm demeanor of the wonderful horses!

  3. Where's the "like" button? Love those Standies.

    Marga, Laag is probably in your mare's pedigree; most gray Standies these days trace to him. In which case, yes, they are probably related. :)

  4. Isn't that great!?!?! I love the article, except for where they reference the owners as "rescuing" the horses from the track. Hate that word, as most STBs do not need "rescuing" from harness horsemen (unless you are taking the horse off a meat truck....)! LOL! ;-D

  5. What a class act!
    Aarene, I have an award over at my blog for you--You are welcome to take it or leave it, as you wish. Just wanted to hi-light your blog.

  6. Wow.
    I thought having a horse that believed the trailer should be his own personal bachelor pad was rare (and great!) but horses that don't blink at a freight elevator? Freight elevators are built for speed. I'm afraid of freight elevators!

    Also love the way one of the horses is eyeing the china...


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