In which healing after surgery is uneventful (read: "boring")

Fiddle is bored.

 Her stall-rest (plus tiny grass-paddock enclosure time) is supposed to continue until Sunday, so that she stays nice and quiet while the staples are still in.

The good news is that I no longer need to worry about manure.  Her food-processing process is back to normal.
Not a photo of poop.

But, she is bored.   Bored bored bored bored BORED.
It may look like a blanket. It is actually a toy
 Yesterday she dragged her blanket, which usually hangs on the wall, onto the floor, and stomped it through the manure and peeshavings.  


She's also feeling well enough to get down and roll now, as evidenced by the shavings stuck to her back in this morning's photos:
Right-side incision, Spay Day + 6

Left-side incision, Spay Day +6
Fiddle isn't tidy in her stall (unlike Hana, who is very tidy--Fiddle is a piglet), so when she rolls, she isn't mashing lovely fluffy clean shavings into her hide.  Oh, no.
"Manure and peeshavings are excellent for the complexion!"
Last night I capitulated and opened the stall door to allow access to the 24'x24' paddock.  She doesn't run around in there anyhow--mostly, she just wants to look around at something besides plain boring stall.

Now, at least, she'll have room to roll someplace that isn't yucky.

I tried to take a picture of her standing placidly and looking around at her pretty Springtime surroundings.

Instead, I got eleven photos that look like this:

It's good, y'all.  


  1. Excellent news! Boring is very very good!

  2. That is great news that she is doing so well, even if bored!! What a cute nose!

  3. Sorry, Fiddle. But bored = success! Look at how fast the incisions are healing. Awesome. (cute nose, btw)

  4. Yes! Her incisions look great. Glad things are going well:)

  5. Fiddle, Fiddle.
    Bored really IS good. You're almost done. No trashing your wardrobe, Doctor's orders!


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