In which the horse doesn't do all the work (and Hana is a rockstar)

Connor says, "Safety first!"
 With Fiddle on the "no-fly list" for a couple of weeks, Hana and I will be sharing extra saddle-time.  She's still at Fat Camp, which is convenient:  that's where we take our lessons--in the covered arena!

But first:
"Run run run, as fast as you can, you can't catch me
I'm the"
 I don't chase her.  I ping rocks at her to make her run, and shoot photos until she decides she doesn't want to run.  

Then she gets praise and a cookie and then I catch her.  What a PITA. 

But once she's under saddle: 
At the trot, we have skillz.
 It took a little while to get Hana to focus and to stop trying to hollow out and brace against my hands.  Dory has me drop my hands low and wide when Hana gets hollow, so she'll work from her rear engine instead of from her nose.  
Small and Big.
On rainy days like today, the barn (and the arena) get crowded.  That's a problem for Fiddle (who doesn't like to be crowded), but not for Hana, who enjoys an audience.
Patty and Rocky
 Patty is working with her young up-and-coming gelding Rocky, who is very sweet.  He tries really hard to understand what he's supposed to do.

Sirie rode The Old Man, Ross, who finished Tevis in 1997. Now he mostly hangs out in the pasture and tells stories about the Good Old Days to younger endurance horses,
Sirie and Ross
 and gives lessons to girls who love him.

The crowd in the arena:
So sad that I didn't get to ride with Katie--she was finished riding
when we were warming  up.  Hana loves Katie's horse Fire.
 Most of my lesson was focused on canter work.  I can trot with decent form all day long, but my canter work sucks.  
Most of the canter pictures were blurry, sorry.
 I have a good excuse for canter-suckage:  my first standie Story hated to canter, the Toad was an IDIOT when his ground-speed exceeded 7.5mph, and Fiddle isn't fond of it either, partly because of her pacing heritage, and partly because I suck.

Hana, however, has a nice canter...when the rider rides it properly.
Better posture, but I've thrown away the reins again.
 So that's what we worked on.
Inside rein?  who needs it?
I made some improvement, and I'm definitely motivated to go back and practice more.  I really did miss my Dragon, but the Radish is lots of fun, too!

Finally, we did a few laps of good trot-work, just to relax and feel somewhat competent.
Ending on a good note (for horse and rider)
 Then it was time for a much-needed bath (for the pony...although I  got very wet in the process).
"Doesn't enjoy baths, kaitnksbai."
 I am going to be muscle-sore in the morning.  And Hana
"Oh hey.  Food!"

has another lesson in the morning.  Maybe Duana will let her just walk around and be pretty?

Probably not.  Tough life for you, rock star pony!


  1. Nice pictures! Hana appears to be getting nice and fit at the fat farm, do you have any plans to take her to any endurance rides?

    I sure like the looks of Rocky too, nice.

  2. You have mad trot skillz! Looks lovely!
    I have the opposite issue. Hudson is not fond of trotting. It's a bit tedious for his taste. We get awesome upper level cantering in place (After I say NO, Trot plz) he tries to convince me that cantering with supreme collection and in place surely is better than trotting all over kingdom come.

    Um. Are we suppsed to use the inside rein at the trot? Dang. I also do not understand why trotting with one's hands in one's lap is unacceptable?

  3. You and Hana look good. I'll take a Rocky please!


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