In which Rocky learns a good new skill, and I'm not very delicate

Rocky practices evading ferns.  Ferns are skeery.
Rocky is gradually gaining all the skills he will need to be a successful endurance horse. Walking and trotting on uneven terrain is no longer a gigantic challenge.  He's quite good at walking and trotting uphill, and at walking downhill without losing his balance and crashing onto his nose.
Looking like a real grown-up endurance pony!
 He's getting more graceful about trailer loading and un-loading.  But today, Rocky had a little problem:
"Mama?  I tells you something?"
 Rocky didn't quite know how to communicate the discomfort.
"Is something I gotta do, but maybe my clothes are inna way?"
 This is not a picture of Rocky's problem.
Pink flower:  not a problem.
 Endurance riders, as discussed in an earlier post, aren't very delicate in regards to bodily functions.
Lilacs.  Not problematic.
 In fact, endurance riders are not only comfortable talking about bodily functions, it's not unusual to return from an errand at a vetcheck to be told gleefully by the horse-holding-person, "He peed lemonade, you're good to go."   
Washington State flower:  the only problem with it
 is trying to remember how to spell "rhododendron."
 Or something along those lines.  
early strawberries!
 Talking about body functions is important in our sport.  Maintaining awareness of bodily functions of the horse (and sometimes the rider also) is essential to keeping track of the horse's wellbeing.
Chives and sage flowers

However, writing about bodily functions is something I don't normally do...but in this case, it was such a major training breakthrough that I really must share.

Lavender.  This is the last photo of flowers.  After this picture
is a picture of Rocky and his function.
 It took Rocky the better part of 15 minutes to finally figure out that he can pee under tack.  Urinating with a rider onboard would absolutely 'splode his brain, so Patty dismounted.

Even so, he circled and worried, and did a very good impression of a toddler doing the pee-pee dance.  Patty loosened his girth and held onto his nose so he had to stand still.  And, finally:

(last warning, this picture isn't a flower)
gallons and gallons and gallons
 Rocky peed.

And peed.

And peed, and peed, and peed, and peed.

I've seen less volume from fire hydrants.
Good boy, Rocky!

Good color, and he splashed all four feet simultaneously.

And then, we mounted up, and headed back to the trailer with a tremendous sense of accomplishment.

Endurance riders <<---pathetically easy to entertain.


  1. YES!!! Good boy!

    Ozzy will stop dead mid-stride if he has to go. Doesn't matter the surface or the other horses. Pee away! I miss him as an endurance horse...

  2. Every sensible horse knows that you cannot pee when ferns might attack at any moment.

  3. Ahhh... poor little guy... no privacy to be had anywhere... :-)

  4. That was too funny. I've actually never had a colt that wouldn't pee under saddle. Good to know.

  5. Every sensible horse knows that you cannot pee when things that lurk in ferns might attack at any moment. Good for Rocky, he waited until he had a clearing and a bodyguard.

    My TB took a very long time to grasp that he could pee under saddle. In fact, it took a very warm day and a very long ride. I was wondering why he was slowing down to a crawl (not his usual MO) when I noticed a certain body part in our shadow. I was riding alone so there no-one to celebrate with as he spread out right on the roadside by the Tolt trail. A passing car must have wondered why I was pumping my fist in the air...

  6. hahahaha - yeah Rocky! My friend's 5yr old gelding has finally learned to pee when she whistles. He is sooo proud of himself when he does it! lol

  7. Atta boy Rocky!!

    All you have to do is visit a nursing home...any squeamish-ness about bodily functions will go out the door within the hour...(oldies love discussing their bodily functions)!

    Rocky looks like he is doing well and is lucky to have a patient "mom" in Patty. I REALLY like that she dismounted to make it easier for him to understand that he COULD go potty with his tack on ;-)

  8. Good boy!!!

    That is so funny, how exciting these things can be for us:)

  9. those pics are exactly what the germans are desensitized to. completely normal in this odd land!

    what a beautiful horse. if only i could find one just like him, i'd be thrilled.

    i also love how patty's jacket goes practically to her knees. now that is some butt coverage.

    i also love her saddle.

  10. LOL, boy he must have held it a while. I am laughing at my palomino here lately. I took him out one day and meandered for 6 hrs (walking on flat only) and he never Pooped, until I had him loaded in the trailer...

    The DH and I rode today for a few hrs, and my pinto is the only one who peed, this was after getting back to the trailer.
    I am curious, how big is Rocky? :)

  11. I always know Flash has "to go" when he starts going off-trail. For some reason his little gay brain just won't let him sully the trail like that :)

  12. Gotta love having the "pee whistle" pre-installed... Makes life a lot easier!

    (Although a certain aged trotter we know is incredibly shy and will only do so if he can hide behind something...)


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