In which I take a field trip and see cuteness (and some other good friends)

I was scheduled to attend a meeting on the Eastside this morning, and everyone knows how dreadful northbound Friday afternoon traffic can be... least, that was my excuse when fellow-endurance-blogger Monica  and I decided to meet up.

There were several excellent reasons that Monica and I needed to meet face-to-face.  Any coffeeshop in King County would have been sufficient for that stuff.  

But the REAL reason to meet up at Cascade Gold Akhal-Teke farm was to meet this lovely little fellow:
Paddy's alpaca impression
 Paddy's birth-story is HERE.   I wanted to see (and hopefully photograph) his famous whorl-heart.  Hmmm.
"Here is my NOSE."

"No, really.  Here is my NOSE!"
Monica, who is a Real Photographer, took pity on me, and mere seconds later, snapped this:
"Here is my HEART."
 Such a lovely boy.   And so is Monica's heart-throb, Danny:
The obligatory "pix or it didn't happen" to prove that
Monica and Danny were there, too.
 Just because I think he looks like a pteranodon, doesn't mean I don't admire him.  He's so slender and dainty though, compared to Gigantor the Dragon!  And such a sweetheart, too!
The only really decent photo I took all day.  Sigh.
When I got home, Fiddle gave me a Thorough Investigative Whuffle before allowing me to scrub her itchy hide with the brushes.  Then, and only then, was I allowed to take her out for some grazing in the backyard to make up for my dalliance. 


  1. thanks for taking us along on your trip to see akahl-tekes! also thank you for the wonderful tour of horse sterilization because it's someting you just don't usually read about in magazines/online. i'm glad fiddle is doing better and hope it solves her problem.

    i should mention that when i opened the link to visit cascade glow, my anti-virus software found a javascript virus.

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  3. Taking pictures of a curious colt without a telephoto lens and someone else working with you to keep their focus off of you is pretty challenging. Add the lighting challenges of an indoor arena and it's pretty amazing that you managed to capture his cuteness at all.

    Aya appreciated you soaking up some of his erergy and not forgetting to admire her as well!


  4. What an adorable colt!!!

  5. What a lovely little guy! Even with the wrong lens! :-) Great idea for bloggers to meet other bloggers! I just love it! Kindred spirits unite :-)


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