In which another Starfish is saved, which makes me smile. Please pass the word!

In August 2010 I wrote a blog post about a great article I'd found online:  a bunch of standardbred folks had gotten together to save a standie that needed help.  

Since writing that post, the author of the article and I have exchanged many emails about standardbreds and people, and making sure the right people find the right standie.  Ellen works for the United States Trotting Association, and is the driving force behind the USTA Full Circle program, which is a database of horse names matched with the names of people who are willing to help that particular horse if that particular horse ever needs help.  

I like Ellen's style:  she isn't trying to save the whole world and all the horses in it in one swell foop.  

Instead, she and her friends are trying to make a difference to one horse at a time.  If you haven't read the story of The Starfish Rescuer, go do that now.  Here's the link.

Here is the current Starfish project, shown in before- and after- photos:

Top photo was taken 3 months AFTER Bella was rescued.
"After" photo by Barbara Livingston

Bella was a 1.5 on the Henneke Scale when she was seized by animal control in October 2011.  To learn more about Bella the "15-year-old-yearling", you can read Ellen's article HERE.

And, if you know of anybody in the Maryland area who is hunting for a really cool horse, have 'em contact Ellen and the Starfish at 732.780-3700 or email 

photo by Barbara Livingston
This mare deserves the best.


  1. I remember the original article, and that poor batch of horses too. Bella looks so good! Thank you, Ellen (and friends) !


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