In which even snowfall doesn't slow us down (very much): we're MOVING!

Finally, the key is ours!

We loaded up the trucks immediately--we've been packing those boxes for WEEKS!

We discovered that the boxes will fit through the bedroom windows--why bother going in-and-out of doors?

One person on the outside to "pitch", and the other person indoors to "catch"--moving boxes goes much faster this way!

Johnny Depp (aka Captain Jack Sparrow) went in the front door. He didn't need a cannon or anything.

There are lots more boxes to move--and furniture, we've barely started on furniture--but it was such a pretty day I had to take some pictures.
These are the neighbors' horses. They wanted to know if we'd remembered to pack the carrots.... No, not yet. Soon.

Jim took this pretty picture of the trees in the orchard.

Notice that there aren't any pictures of the old house. There's a reason: boxes everywhere, it's just complete chaos. Tonight I'm hoping to move a bunch of the boxes into the dining room so I can have enough room to VACUUM. Ugh. People with long-haired dogs shouldn't move, it's so ugly when I can't vacuum every day.

Soon there will be only ONE house in my life. Won't that be wonderful!


  1. that's so awesome, yes, soon there will be only one house for us too: )

    did you get a fruit basket from your realtor? cuz we didn't. i keep waiting for one to appear. where's my fruit basket for being a first-time home owner!?

    before i saw what you wrote, i noticed the photo of you and captain sparrow, and i thought ...what is that ...a reflection of a pirate on the window? the window shutters are reflective? : )

    i had to laugh cuz our life is in such sync right now. just yesterday i thought oh no, i have to vaccuum behind all these boxes before joerg's mom comes to help us clean out our apartment. there are dust bunnies everywhere that have escaped from hiding. embarrassing!

    finally our kitchen stuff is boxed, so this week we're literally eating out of the box. i discovered a big old costco sized JIF peanut butter that my mom shipped over for me, and had it on cookies today for breakfast. mmm!

    today is bedroom baseboard installation day, cuz our ikea bedroom set arrives tomorrow and i think it would be wise to get the baseboards in before that happens.

    also, i'll just die if that ugly chandelier in the kitchen is there much longer. our kitchen is all new looking, and it has this hideous wood and glass hanging lamp from the 50s. so if we can today, we'll go to the light store again and seek out a fitting kitchen light with energy saving bulbs (i want something stainless steel to match the appliances!).

    none of this extravagant renovation would have been possible if my silverado hadn't sold in december. talk about timing: )

    we're so blessed: ) i'm not gonna want to go to america this summer i bet...*gasp*



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