Moving in at last! In which a horse trailer proves to be quite useful.

We outran the predicted rain yesterday, and moved most of the furniture while the sun was still shining!
An empty horse trailer turned out to be perfect as a moving van--plenty of room for boxes AND big enough to accomodate the extra-long futon.

The piano (also known as the "sea-anchor", to indicate that it is unwilling to change location) proved to be the most challenging part of the move. Finally we were able to get it in place using a series of ramps, furniture dollies, a car jack, and a large dose of brute strength.

Unfortunately, we moved the piano in the evening with not enough light to allow me to take photos. I asked the guys if we could do it again today in daylight so I could get some pictures, but they declined. Humph.


  1. hey, do you own that weather vane? I ask b/c on my way out of town last friday I saw one EXACTLY like in front of a store here in town. If you "need" one, I could check the price for ya.


  2. i'm finally gettin online after moving this weekend and i just cracked up about the piano and crooked tree line. our piano was wrapped in wool and plastic and moved by a moving company because we don't have a horse trailer and even if we did, pianos don't fit in euro horse trailers, ya know, horses have to squeeze in.

    i've been just basking in BEING here, and it was really hard to get on this computer tonight.

    i was so happy when my man started playing the piano. i opened the windows so his music could drift across the mole-hill covered field.

    moles (hate them) have given me a lot of good planting soil and i have to say, since they're a protected species, i think i can get along with them. our front yard is not big, and a new hill pops up every other day, and i just collect the dirt and use it in the greenhouse. i might end up bringing trap back from america though. i really do hate them.

    i saw more cypress trees go on sale and i want to do another fenceline. your parents are so cool to help with that! hedges make the best fences.

    how funny we moved the same weekend, even tho we had our key on feb 7!


  3. I'm especially happy about the sequoia trees--I didn't know they even grow here, but apparently they do very well. In fact, we' have two of them towering over the house, so hopefully the babies will take notes and follow suit.

    The "foliage" of sequoias (evergreen needles) are sharp barbs--they will make a hedge as impermeable as blackberry brambles, without the risk that they will overrun the house one night.

    It's just hard to imagine that these little pencil-sized seedlings will grow into the label "Giant Sequoia", but I'm trusting that the Washington Farm Forestry people know what they're talking about....


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