In which Food From Far Away is a Very Good Thing for tired folks!

We've declared Sundays "Korean Food Day" at Haiku Farm, which puts Willie in charge of cooking Sunday dinners.

He was every enthusiastic and raced into the kitchen as soon as we got home, laden with packages and bags from the Korean grocery store in Lynnwood. I'm happy that he's comfortable with this task, because I'm trepidatious about cooking with ingredients when I can't read the labels!

I'll ask him to send me the Korean name for these foods. (click the picture to enlarge)

The squares are a pounded fish, the cylindars are a dumpling-ish pasta, and the curly noodles are curly noodles. This dish included a couple kinds of seaweed (including one that is just for flavor--Willie and Jim both warned me not to eat the large stiff leaves) and some spices.

Can you guess what this is? Jim's favorites!

We also had a small korean melon, which we ate before I remembered to take a picture. I wonder if I can grow them in our garden here?

Update: I found the melon seeds for sale online. Here's the picture from the seed catalog!
I'm going to order seeds and plant some!


  1. I was in Seoul. They eat fried bugs in paper bags like we eat popcorn. I also seem to remember octupus on a stick (where we'd put a corndog).

    Geez. Corndog. What a weird memory. I'm so far way from that!

    I loved Seoul despite the kids who stared and pointed at my hair, because the weather was cool in comparison to Hong Kong, and the Nam Dae Moon market was soo cool.

    I was scolded by an officer for taking a picture of the palace.


  2. Willy says, "The fish and noodle dish is Ra B'ok Gi, the flat fishy substance bein A-Mok. The yellow pickeled radish is Dan Moo Ji in Korea, or Daikan in Japan. The yellow melons are called Chamik--here they're referred to as Hanguk Chamik (Korean Melons)". OK, so I editied a bit. I still couldn't have told you this without my son.

  3. mmmm.... Great plan!!! Also Willy looks like an excellent cook!

  4. He's an awesome cook! I love Sunday dinners!

  5. I know that food!Maybe 'Ttuck bo-ki'..?
    That's very deliciouse.
    Willie looks like a chef, anyway:)


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