In which we are mostly moved In, and start to add more colors inside

This is the view from my breakfast table.

Jim and Willie attacked this little hedge-y area yesterday when Jim discovered that the whole thing consisted of a very weird stump and a bunch of hazeltree suckers. They didn't finish clearing out all the suckers, but they made a good dent.

Mimsy enjoys exploring the "sniffs" in the orchard in the morning. Bunny tracks, mole hills, bird scratchings--this dog could stay out here all day, just practicing her inhalation skills.

Luna prefers to sit decoratively in one location, until someone notices her and takes a picture.

Mom offered to buy interior paint for my birthday, so we spent a week looking at paint samples taped to various walls around the house, tearing down the colors we don't like and marking our initials on the colors we do like. We finally made color decisions, and I emailed the list to Mom, telling her to choose whichever room she wanted to paint.

She wrote back that she "had a lot of fun" at the paint store, and bought them all.

I wonder how much fun Mom would have at the hardware store, buying fenceposts. Hmmmm.


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