In which we build a short fence, and Luna discovers a Predator

Mimsy's harrassment of the local bunny population led her too far astray today--and much too close to the busy road! We got her back, safe and sound, and then got busy building a doggie fence around the orchard to keep dogs away from traffic.
Thanks to our new neighbor Kathy L., we have a bunch of short t-posts that are perfect for the task. More photos of the fence when it's finished--we have to run to the hardware store in the morning to pick up more chickenwire.

Meanwhile, the local lagamorphs will be relieved. One of the Wildlife Rights Representatives (photo at left) told us that if we didn't corral that sniffing dog immediately, we'd be finding coal in our easter baskets instead of chocolate. Eeek. We got busy immediately.

Luna had a small adventure today. Having lived here nearly three weeks, she has explored the property with her usual zen-like cluelessness. I'm not sure why she suddenly looked up...but she did. That's when she (finally) noticed the horribly threatening predator:
I was pretty sure she'd lose interest (she's a pretty attention-deficit kind of dog) by the time I returned with the camera, but she continued to circle and bark at the scary plastic owl for at least 10 minutes while we stood around laughing.

It's good to come indoors and sit by the fire after a day of working out in the rain.


  1. "lagamorph".

    Your years of influence are not yet forgotten.

  2. aren't herding dogs fun! just this morning stella discoverd that we have NEIGHBORS that come OUTSIDE! Eeek! So our walk was off to a slow start as she had to stare at them to be sure they were not dangerous.



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