Tuesday, March 17, 2009

In which a Very Useful Gift is given by wonderful people!

My co-workers at the library presented me with a Very Useful Thing as a housewarming present.
I may be the only woman in America who is this thrilled by a wheelbarrow...but I'm really comfortable with the distinction.

Look! They all signed it, too.

Monday, March 16, 2009

In which we channel the Lorax, and speak for trees (and also plant some)

Mom and Dad delivered a fabulous housewarming gift: a box full of baby trees, courtesy of a seedling sale hosted by the Washington Farm Forestry Association.
Despite snow falling early in the day, and torrential rain predicted for evening, my mom and I scampered down to the bottom of the pasture to plant fifty little seedlings.
Jim and Willie carried buckets of water for the cedars, which had gotten a little dry in the back of dad's truck.

The pasture grass has a strong root structure (hooray for pasture!) which is really difficult to break up and sprinkle around the little trees, so we improvised a bit and discovered an advantage to having moles: the dirt around molehills is soft and crumbly.

I never thought I'd say this, but here it is: Hooray for Moles!

We tried to plant them in straight lines around portions of the pasture perimeter, but since neither of us is very linear, the trees are evenly, but rather casually, spaced. The lack of straight lines is going to make my friend Lytha crazy! I figure God doesn't plant trees in straight lines, so it's probably not critical for me, either.

The important thing is that Haiku Farm is now home to 10 baby sequoia, 10 little cedars, 10 skinny hemlocks, and 20 shrimpy douglas fir trees.

Hooray for Trees!