In which I wander around the garden and think about last April

Lytha at the Horse-Crazy American blog has photos comparing April 2009 and April 2010. Good idea! Here are a few Haiku Farm photos for comparison.

(It started dumping rain while I was wandering around the yard, so I'll have to take more photos later.)

Here's the blueberry bushes last year, being strangled by blackberry vines:

This year, having been freed from the blackberry tyranny:
Last year's grapevines were equally overwhelmed by blackberries. April 2009:

Grapevines, April 2010:
This year, of course, we have additional staff:Look how busy they've been in the orchard!

Apple trees, April 2010:

Apple blossoms, April 2010:

Sunset, April 2009: No fences, no garden, no chickens, no goats, no horses.
Pretty, though.
Sunset, April 2010:

It's good here.


  1. You really have a beautiful home. And all that hard work paid off!

  2. wow, great comparison shots! especially the last one. one is a property, one is a farm: )

    blueberries are next on my list of must haves for the garden.

    wow your apple trees are ahead of ours! and the grapevine on our stall looks dead still. there must be life in there, i hope!

    but this week our grass started to look a little better, finally. maybe in may we'll be at last year's april.


  3. Wow! What a great idea! This is our first April here, so perhaps I'll do the same for next year!

  4. Boy, I'd be afraid to do comparisons of this year to last. I think I was ahead on weeding last year and this one I'm barely started. LOL

    Your place looks great. Love the old apple trees.


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