In which we celebrate Saturday Stories : here's one about working

I truly don't remember where I found this story. It's been in my head forever, and I don't tell it very often anymore. At the beginning of Spring, though, it just seems appropriate....! --A

Where Do You Think You Are?

A man died, and after filling out the appropriate paperwork, he found himself in some kind of paradise.

The food was great, the weather was perfect, the entertainment was top-notch.

After a while, however, the man looked around. He was bored!

Were there no children to be tended? Was there no laundry to be folded, no dishes to be washed, no plumbing to be repaired?

He asked around. Was there something he could do to help out around the place?

They were amazed. “Work?” they asked. “Where do you think you are–Heaven?”


  1. Hmm, I'd like a chance to check out that "other" place. I, for one, am really tired of working.

  2. My husband is always trying to get me to relax and quit doing so much Stuff. I'm good for 36 hours at the most. Sounds like the other place to me!


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