In which somebody is hopping down the bunny trail. I wonder who?

The chickens don't understand this seasonal interest in rabbits. They know who does the real work.


  1. Cute photos - love the little chicken comb on the cat and the goat! Too funny! :-)

    Ah, the Muppets - love that show.

    Happy Easter!

  2. Too Kewt! I especially like the first one of Dobbie (?) in the bunny ears and the little boys precious expression.
    I'm not altogether sure that Puzzle appreciated the dress-up occasion.
    And yes, the Muppet Show was a classic in my book.

  3. Ha! I love the goat with the chicken hat!

  4. Solidly in love with the goats. The chickens are beautiful! Very cute photos, love the bunny ears on all!

  5. i love the goats too! i wish we could have them (see my reply to your comment please).

    tell jim how awesome he is to dress up in the spirit of things.

    jim, you rock.

    i can hear his voice right now, he's explaining the whyfores.


  6. Oh ! All those photo's are just soooo adorable - I love the one of the dogs especially ;) Hope you had a lovelt Easter ...


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