In which we celebrate springtime in the garden...and on the trails

With a blue sky above us, we definitely feel that springtime has really, truly, arrived.
Fiddle and I hit the trails this morning, thinking that we would avoid the crowds....

uh, no. I've never seen the trailhead so crowded when there wasn't a sanctioned event! But there were plenty of trails for all of us.

Plus, we met some friends out there!

Our friend Patty (on the spotted horse) has signed up for the XP 2011 - eight weeks of five-day rides, run along the old Pony Express routes, and these are the horses she plans to use. I am so jealous! The XP is my idea of the ultimate holiday vacation. Someday, I promise myself. Some day I will do that ride.

Meantime, Fiddle and I will have fun plinking around in the sunshine.

This was my birthday weekend. It's a good time of year to celebrate stuff.

We visited the outer edges of the local Tulip Festival. The traffic wasn't much fun, but the guys enjoyed the traditional gigantic ice cream cones!

The clans gathered at a restaurant overlooking the harbor. I love watching the boats coming in at dusk. (the food was good, too!)

Of course, a major source of celebration is the garden. Mom thinks this rhododendron can be saved by means of a major pruning.

When the rhody has been treated, we move on to some new plantings.
A clematis, which we hope will climb up over the sign, and also entertain our mason bees.

Some other shrubs, for color.

Elsewhere in the orchard, the trees are blooming.

The apple trees are just starting to blossom. The whole yard smells sweet and wonderful.

In the vegetable garden, I turn the soil...
...and plant seeds...
...with a little help from my friends.
And at the end of the day, Jim prepares a beautiful dinner.

Life. Is. So. Good.


  1. Good, indeed! Glad your spring has finally made itself fully known. You may know that here in E-burg, spring means wind, and it has been horrible all weekend (tho I heard it wasn't as bad in town).

  2. EvenSong, I thought it was always windy in E-burg. No? Ah, well. It will probably be really windy when we're there for the Milwaukee Road Rail Trail ride at the end of April. Sigh.

    I love the photos, so fun to take a trip with someone vicariously. Spring spring spring...SO ready. :)

  4. Happy birthday!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful green birthday weekend :)


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