In which it is Poetry Month again, and it's time to celebrate!

The Bow-Legged Girl
4000 BC, North-Central Asia

by Jessie Haas

The bow-legged girl has left her bones behind,
Her wrist bones with their bracelets,
Her delicate neck tipped to one side
Under gold coins.
Melted into her hooped rib bones,
And her shin bones bend
To the shape of a horse's sides.
Her bones are notched with old arrow-wounds,
Her head it dinted,
But don't pity her youth, her early end.
It is certain that she dealt wounds too.
Buried beside her, her bow, her arrows,
A blade with a worn hilt.
She won many battles; this, her latest,
Proving beyond doubt
That the warrior world
Was not a man's world only.

In her day you would not have liked to meet her;
Walk into the show-barn down the road
With her on your mind,
And the hair will rise on the back of your neck.
You'll see her kind lording it
In every aisle.

Just so everybody knows, I didn't see any girls like the bow-legged girl in the poem when Ryan ventured over to take a real "english riding lesson". I tagged along to take pictures.

In fact, all the girls at the barn were supportive of this young cowboy who was willing to put on a helmet and climb into an english saddle!Do you think we'll ever convince him to wear breeches?

Nikki is almost ready for a horse of her own. First, she had to ride a horse besides Mr Trustworthy, (Guy). She was plenty worried......but she did just fine.
There are "bow-legged girls" in abundance here, but they mostly leave their weapons elsewhere.
Life is good!


  1. I like that poem. Guess I'm a bow-legged gal myself, but if you ask my husband, he'd tell you my weapon is my tongue LOL!

  2. Love poetry month - I'm signed up for the poem-a-day and always enjoy whatever shows up in my in-box!

  3. Ryan looks fantastic in that canter picture!

    I am not sure that the show barn is the place to find modern bow-legged girls.


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