In which the Swampland weather is typically wet...and wonderful

It rained today.
Blue skies are pretty, but our Swamp isn't made green by blue skies.
Goats hate rain. They hang out in Goatenheim, complaining about the weather.
Mad as a wet hen? Nah.
The Minervas don't really mind rain so much. Water, water, everywhere.

I don't usually take photos in the rain--who wants to get the camera all wet, after all? And yet, how can I portray the wonders of the Swamp without showing our prodigious rain?

Here's a little rain for my friends outside the Swamp.

(YouTube is being silly this week, so if the window doesn't work for you, go HERE instead)


  1. I do miss the sound and the smell of rain - thank you for the video!

  2. I'm quite tired of the rain, but today was wonderfully sunny, so I can happily say I loved the pictures!

  3. I hate to say it because I am enjoying the nice weather, but we could use some rain for the spring grasses. But please, God, can we wait until after farrier day on Saturday?

  4. i love the drowned fiddle pic! but if she were miserable, she'd be in the trees.

    i also enjoyed the trough vid.

    i always explain, "yes it rains 9 months a year in seattle. that is what makes it so beautifully lush and green."

    we could use a good rain here, because it would expediate the fertilizer soaking into the ground, and allow baasha out sooner. our snow-stunted grass is now lack-of-moisture stunted. *sigh*



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